Toxin Elimination Elixir

This frequency enhanced water elixir is the second key to winning your battle against candida and to get healthy again.

You both need to deal effectively with the candida in your body, and you need to deal efficiently with all the candida toxins that have been stuck in your body, poisoning you. Toxin Elimination Elixir helps you deal with these toxins in a way that no other detoxification supplement or process does.

Toxin buildup occurs primarily because the phase 2 detox pathway enzymes in the liver that are supposed to remove fat-soluble toxins from the body have been damaged or used up. When this occurs, these toxins, from candida and from all types of environmental exposure, cannot be eliminated by the liver, and thus they accumulate in your body. They cause the candida symptoms you experience. Plus they set up the development, if you don’t deal with removing them, of a number of chronic ill health conditions.*

Supporting the liver is part of the picture, but its actions are limited because of the continuous overload of candida toxins it has dealt for years, if not decades. Because of this, you need more than liver support when your body is loaded with candida toxins, and that’s where Toxin Elimination Elixir comes into play.*

The instructions in Toxin Elimination Elixir tell your body to activate a unique detoxification process, they tell the lymph system to package up those difficult-to-remove fat-soluble toxins, and any other toxins for that matter. Instead of taking them to the liver, the lymph system is told to carry them to, and push them through, the walls of the large intestine and the skin, to get them out of the body. These actions help to bypass an overloaded, poorly functioning liver and may significantly improve the removal of toxins from your body.*

Toxin Elimination Elixir may be the most valuable detoxification supplement to use. Both when your body is overloaded with toxins, or when you just want to clean up your body. It tells your body to remove toxins in a unique way that can work efficiently even if you have a liver that is not able to remove toxins effectively. (Your liver is not working well if you suffer from chemical sensitivities, die-off or detoxification reactions.) Toxin Elimination Elixir may also be highly beneficial for deep, efficient detoxification of your body in general. The more toxins you can remove from your body, the healthier you may become.

Start out at a low dose if you are suffering from toxin sensitivity, and work up to an optimal dose of two bottles a month. For optimal results, to clean your body deeply, use two bottles a month for six months, and then a bottle a month for a year. This time, while is seems long, is less than the two to three detoxification clinics say is needed for a complete detox.