Thrush Is Candida

Your Thrush May Be An Important Warning Signal

Thrush is a white coated tongue. It could extend down into the throat; it could be spots of white with the tongue not completely covered. This white coating or spots is a candida fungal growth in your mouth.

If you are here because your baby has thrush, keep reading. Thrush in a baby may be an early warning signal you need to pay attention to as there are serious health issues that could develop with candida overgrowth. That need to be dealt with.

Most of the time thrush is a candida overgrowth that has spread from your intestinal tract to just about everywhere in your body. If this is the case, your thrush is a sign of a significant fungal growth throughout your body.

Very rarely, thrush is not caused by candida overgrowth, but by sharing food, or kissing someone who does have candida overgrowth. You picked it up from that person, and it is just in your mouth.

In this case, the anti-fungal mouthwash your doctor gives you or an herbal/essential oil mouthwash may be all you need to deal with it. However, continuous exposure to thrush may eventually lead to candida overgrowth throughout your body.*

You don’t want candida to spread throughout your body.

Candida fungi produce toxins continuously which overload your liver and detoxification system. These toxins can cause anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, a foggy head, acid reflux, low hormones, low thyroid, low sex drive, vaginal yeast infections, worn out adrenals, fatigue, sinus infections, ADD, diabetes, chemical sensitivities, and more — and may lead later in life to the development of cancer and Alzheimer’s.*

When you have thrush, or if your baby does, the most likely scenario is that candida has already spread from the intestinal tract into your mouth,  brain, and a whole lot of other parts of the body.

How To Tell Which It Is

There is an easy way to tell if your thrush comes from someone else, or from candida that is inside you, that has overgrown throughout your body.

First, check for other symptoms. If you have a few of the additional symptoms I mentioned, you have candida overgrowth.

Second, to confirm this, or to check another way, do the at home test we describe here.

If you are thinking, it’s my baby that has thrush, and she doesn’t have any symptoms, and she can’t do the spit test, no problem. Here’s what you need to ask yourself and do.

Do You Have Thrush?
Do You Have Thrush?

Does your baby get ear infections, is sick too often, poor digestion? Allergic to foods, has rashes? Then she has candida overgrowth as these are all signs of it.*

Take the spit test yourself, and go over the symptoms to see what you have. Because if you’re the mom, you most likely passed it on to your baby at birth. Or if the birth was cesarean, your baby picked it up from kisses, sharing food, or breastfeeding. Because a baby doesn’t have a developed immune system or healthy intestinal flora, it is very easy for your candida to overgrow in your child.*

Our anti-candida supplements are easy to give and may be highly effective for babies. In 3 to 6 months the candida could be gone. But… you’ve got to be working on getting rid of it yourself, both parents, if both have it. Otherwise, you will continually be reinfecting your child.*

Continue to give your child a small dose for the year or more that it will take you to deal with candida. As you will understand in a few minutes if you keep reading, most remedies Can’t work and don’t eliminate candida.*

You’ve Got To Do This. Otherwise, you could be setting your child up for much ill health. A lifetime of poor health.*

Worse still!

If your baby has thrush, candida toxins will be overwhelming its detoxification system. Candida continuously produces toxins. If its liver has become so overloaded and worn out from dealing with candida toxins that it can’t remove new toxins, your baby may be less able to deal with the many toxins that are in vaccines.*

Exposure to these toxins, or any other massive toxin exposure, can lead to the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder — because your baby can’t eliminate toxins effectively they get stuck in the body where they can disrupt brain function.*

Do what you can to avoid excess toxin exposure when your baby has thrush. Work on getting rid of the thrush and candida with CandXpel, and use Toxin Elimination Elixir to send toxins out through the skin and colon wall, bypassing that poorly functioning liver.*

If you think your life is hard now, it’s nothing compared to what it will be if you have a child who develops autism. And this would be nothing compared to the tragedy of their life if you can’t reverse that autism. (If you have a child with autism, these two remedies may form a cornerstone to deal with its fundamental underlying causes. To learn what else may help, read this article.

If you don’t have candida overgrowth, great. Use an anti-fungal mouthwash, cool down your mouth with yogurt or kefir, and take care of it. Show this information to whoever who may have transmitted thrush to you, as this person likely has candida overgrowth.

If you do have candida overgrowth, your immune system may be keeping it in check, or it many not be. If you don’t have many other symptoms, it probably has been. The rub is that your immune system can’t beat candida. At best it can keep it in check.

Look at all the signs of candida on the symptoms page on this site. These all are in one stage or another of development in you. Candida is not going to get better on its own.

Your most important action is to find out more about candida overgrowth. What can deal with it effectively, and what can’t.

Start with the page on why most anti-candida treatments can’t work.

Go from there to learning about a basic, easy to use, system to deal with candida. Using CandXpel to send candida out of the body, Toxin Elimination Elixir to efficiently deal with the toxins causing all the problems, and even something to help with the diet.

A word of warning though, candida is very tough. It takes a good year or so to knock it out. It and its spores. If you stop too soon, you’ve just given it a chance to recolonize your body, and you may have to do it all over again.