More About Frequency Enhanced Elixirs

The Story On Our Anti-Candida Frequency Enhanced Elixirs

When we first decided to use energetic frequencies to help deal with candida, we did what seemed logical. We added vibrational instructions to kill candida, fungi, mold, and their spores to a liquid herbal and essential oil formula. The supplement needed to be liquid so it could hold the vibrations. CandElim was its name.

With tens of thousands of bottles used by now, CandElim has proved to be very effective. Nothing we’d seen previously in the arena of natural supplements or medicines that fight candida seemed to work better (That is, until CandXpel came along – more about that here in a minute).

Here’s how we knew that the energetic frequencies we were putting into CandElim were contributing to its benefits:

At the same time we created CandElim, we also developed a water-based elixir containing the same energetic frequencies as CandElim, but without the candida killing herbs and essential oils – CandiCalm. It was designed for people who were very sensitive to die off and couldn’t use CandElim or other candida killers.

Even without the herbs and candida killing essential oils, we found that customers highly sensitive to die-off were experiencing detoxification symptoms, even when using only CandiCalm. While the die-off reported was less intense than that of CandElim users, it quickly became apparent that CandiCalm was still able to kill candida using only energies, without the additional herbal ingredients contained in CandElim.

Die-off reactions can be so severe that some people can’t kill candida.

The drawback with killing candida is that when candida is killed, the toxins stored in it get released into the blood. These toxins put an additional toxin load on an already overloaded detoxification system. If the liver is not working well, toxins can’t be eliminated, and die off reactions such as feeling lousy, sick, fatigued, and worse, develop.*

We’ve tried to figure out ways to help with this issue for a long time.
In 2015 we developed an elixir that we thought would work great for this. CandXpel. It worked so well that it became our top recommendation for candida, but still, there were die-off type reactions.

Here’s what happened:

CandXpel has energies stimulating candida to leave the body, and also instructions activating the immune system to carry candida and its spores out of the body alive, with their toxins in them. As a consequence, those toxins are not released into the body. We knew the candida wasn’t being killed, so we assumed that there would be no die-off reactions either.

We were wrong.

While we had developed CandXpel to be an upgrade to CandiCalm, the surprising thing was that it seemed to be working as good as or even better than CandElim.

However, there were still reactions to its actions. Soon after it was released, a customer, who was highly sensitive to candida toxins, started using it. We were expecting that he would be able to take a full dose of CandXpel as it does not kill Candida, and thus creates no die-off – But he couldn’t take a full dose. Not by a long shot. What may have happened was this.

CandXpel sent a lot of Candida out of his body, so fewer candida colonies meant less toxins were being produced. When his cells noticed that there were not as many toxins around them, they responded to this by releasing the toxins they had stored. The cells had been previously unable to release these toxins before because the blood and the spaces between cells were already way too full of toxins. But now they could release their toxins because toxic levels had decreased throughout the body.

It was this release of cellular toxins by a large number of cells which caused his detox symptoms. The good news was that we knew CandXpel was working very powerfully. The bad news was that there were still toxic reactions developing in some people.

We were impressed that candida was being removed rapidly. However, people were still feeling sick. This happened with every user who was sensitive to die-off. So we began to suggest starting out at a low dose, and to gradually increase to a full dose to avoid this detox reaction.

And we kept looking for a solution.

In 2016 we developed Toxin Elimination Elixir to help deal with toxins. It instructs the lymph system to carry toxins out of the body through the skin or colon wall, avoiding the toxin removal blockage that a worn-out liver typically causes. Toxin Elimination turned into an exceptionally useful elixir that works in a way no ordinary supplement is capable of doing. It seems to go a long way towards helping people deal with their toxins more efficiently.*

I have been diagnosed with asthmatic pulmonary bronchial aspergillosis and bronchiectasis. I have had a lobectomy and 15 bronchoscopies. In an effort to get the mold out of my lungs, I sought the help of a naturopathic physician that specialized in eliminating mold in people. The test he used to have a baseline for mold in my body was a test from RealTime Labs that measured mycotoxins. The first test showed high levels of 4 different mycotoxins. After working with the naturopath the second test showed two levels had slightly decreased, but two had increased. Then I began the elixirs that Robert recommended. I waited until I was on them faithfully for almost 6 months.  When my tests results came back, I was normal in each of the 4 areas! I think even my naturopath was shocked.  Now I am continuing with toxin eliminators from GHA, as per Robert’s recommendation.

– Jane H., 9/26/17

Same Ingredients, Different Instructions — Unique Results

The base of each elixir is the same: Structured water and a tiny amount of organic orange and rosemary essential oils. The water holds the energetic vibration frequencies of sets of instructions which are then communicated to the body when you take small amounts of an elixir.

Each type of elixir carries a unique set of instructions in the form of vibrational frequencies. As does homeopathy, which has hundreds of remedies, the base of each elixir is the same. The essential oils in the elixirs help the energetic frequencies to be transferred more efficiently to your body.

A unit with proprietary energizing components energizes the elixirs. It amplifies the very subtle energies of written instructions so that the water in the elixir bottles pick up and hold these frequencies in their memory. Researchers have proven many times that water has a memory.*

When you take a specific elixir, the frequencies of the instructions in it are vibrating in that elixir water. These vibrational instructions are picked up by the water and cells in your body. Cells are capable of following those instructions because cells communicate via frequencies (such as light) all the time.*

This process didn’t necessarily have to work. Many frequency enhanced products produced in other ways are not particularly effective. It could have been that the technology didn’t amplify the subtle energies of the instructions enough to make a difference. Your body might not have been able to respond to the frequencies because they were too weak.

Fortunately, this was not the case with our technology. We know the elixirs can work because we have had feedback from thousands of users where the elixirs are clearly doing what they are intended to do. In fact, they have been so effective that when we decided to simplify our suggestions for fighting candida down to what worked best, the handful of elixirs covered on this site were our top choices.