Most Candida Remedies Give You Temporary Relief, But Can’t Truly Eliminate Candida.

Getting rid of candida has been virtually impossible to achieve – Until now. Two problems prevented the typical candida remedies and treatments from getting the job done.

If you’ve been dealing with candida for a while, you know it keeps coming back again and again. No fun!

If you’ve been lucky enough to calm it down, once you stop taking those candida supplements and get off the diet, back it comes. Maybe in a month, maybe much longer.

If you’ve just figured out that you have candida overgrowth, you’ve come to the right place. You are going to save yourself wasted money and useless starving, by doing a program that can work — if you stick with it.

(Nothing is fast when dealing with candida, and if you stop too soon when you’ve still got it in your body, it regrows, and your symptoms come back.)

“I am a trained craniosacral therapist and have been in the holistic health field for almost three decades. Throughout my eleven-year journey to recover my own son from his symptoms of autism I have spent countless hours and financial resources researching to find the absolute best natural supplements available to assist his recovery.

One of the trickiest issues is bringing candida into balance. This is an essential component to healing the gut to heal the brain. I have not found a better choice to assist with candida than the elixir CandXpel. CandXpel is natural, safe, and has the gentle aspect of eliminating excess candida from the body with minimal “die off” symptoms. Die off is when the candida dies so quickly that its toxins release rapidly causing flu-like and other unpleasant symptoms that can be very hard on the body. 

A necessary compliment to balancing candida and the entire gut healing/detoxification process is Toxin Elimination Elixir. This elixir helps to gently stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins while bypassing the overburdened liver. These are two essential needs for a child with autism.

My personal success with these and many other elixirs from  Get Health Again has been so great that I have incorporated them as an integral part of the step-by-step online program that I developed to help other parents to recover their children from the symptoms of autism, naturally.“* 

Karen Thomas
Founder of
Cranial-Sacral Therapist

If you aren’t sure you have candida overgrowth, see if you have some of these symptoms, and do this test.

Naturopaths, nutritionists, websites, traditional doctors, or your friends may make recommendations to use baking soda, essential oils, anti-fungal herbs and drugs, immune boosting herbs, probiotics, chitin inhibitors, and more. And of course, there are a lot of folks saying that going on the candida diet is the key to success.

What these sites and recommendations fail to tell you is that none of this is successful in eliminating candida overgrowth.We didn’t know this unfortunate secret a decade and a half ago when we started helping folks with candida. We even thought it was possible to get rid of candida overgrowth fast.

Little did we know…Not only is it NOT possible to get rid of candida fast, as some folks will tell you (They can sell a lot more supplements or ebooks when they claim it works fast), but none of the above anti-candida supplements, therapies or diets are even capable of eliminating candida overgrowth. Not one of them. Not all of them combined.

We talked with thousands of people suffering from candida who had been using these remedies and starving themselves with the “diet” for years. They’d get better and think that they had killed the beast. They would stop their anti-candida regimen and that diet, and within a short time, their candida was back. Arghh….that’s got to be very frustrating.

“I’m 82 years old and am very active. All of my blood work is well within bounds. I have never been on any meds except for UTI’s. I still do just about everything I ever did during my lifetime in the way of physical activities, thanks to the Triple Punch Combo, including skiing five weeks at various ski resorts across the country this year and traveling with confidence. Thank you very much.

About three years ago, my urologist discovered I have a very large diverticulum, which acts like a second bladder and that it was most likely a birth defect that had never before been diagnosed. I missed two seasons of skiing because I had three operations over a two year period. (I’m addicted to skiing). I was on antibiotics for most of the time with repeated UTI’s while in my urologist’s care. The doctors were at a loss to do anything about the heavy sediment in my urine, except to change to a new anti-biotic when the old one’s stopped working. Between that and the three operations in the hospital, I think I picked up super bugs along with Candida.

Super Bugs, or antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a massive problem connected with antibiotics and infections and antibiotic resistant bacteria seems to be an alarming problem for which there does not seem to be a known standard cure in the medical profession, other than to just keep trying other types of antibiotics if the latest one is not working to cure your infections. I’m sure you know 1000 more information on this then I do.

I think I may have picked up a MRSA type of staph infection or some type of Candida in hospital operations, but I don’t really know. My internal infections were about to shut my life down as I had previously know it, before my wife found you on the internet and suggested I give the elixirs a try.

I was in the desperate stage at that point, but my own internal logic could not see a reason they would not work from your descriptions of what the elixirs do even though it was not spelled out clearly that the elixirs work for my particular problems.

We have about 50 trillion cells and they all want to work together to keep us healthy and I like to visualize that the elixirs are doing their part to let my cells keep on doing what they best like to do, which is to keep me healthy.

A positive attitude and belief in knowing in advance that the elixirs do work can be a great help, and hopefully, very soon, there will be many others who have success with them so that they too can enjoy a healthy and active life and help others to do the same. Those who go first blaze the way for those who follow.

I started using the Triple Punch last December. It allowed me to ski and travel this last winter and go on cruises, etc this year, with confidence that my UTI’s were under control and it also allowed me to travel and speak at four five day conferences, without being concerned about UTI’s. It took about six months before I was urinating clear and not having huge amounts of sediment in my urine. The clear period usually only lasted a few days until this Fall. I have now been urinating clear for about three weeks. I believe you recommend taking the Triple Punch for 18 months, which I plan to do.

I want to thank you for giving me back a high quality of life. I have not gone to a urologist since last December. When I complete the 18 months, I plan to encourage my urologist to recommend the Triple Punch to the Urologists in his practice as well as other products in the Get Healthy Again package…

There must be tens of thousands of people experiencing what I was experiencing in the way of UTI’s and sediment in the urine, who could use your help. When my urine was tested previously, there could be a half an inch of sediment in the collection jar and I still tested as not having a UTI. I think I understand now what was happening inside of me, but those doing the testing don’t have a clue, and I’m sure you are well aware of this.”

Thank you again,
WPH, Denville, NJ

The Symptoms Are Bad Enough; Even Worse Are The Long-Term Dangers of Chronic Candida Overgrowth.

There are some important reasons to try and eliminate candida completely. So that isn’t entrenched in your body, continually producing harmful toxins each and every day.

  1. PASSING DISEASE TO CHILDREN If you are a female with candida overgrowth, your baby will pick up candida going through the birth canal. Unless you get rid of candida overgrowth, (which you can with some of the supplements I’ll be suggesting later) you’ll set them off on a life of poor health, with allergies, digestive issues, sinus infections, illness and more. And it much more likely that they could develop autism after exposure to high toxic overloads which they can’t deal with because their detox system is worn out.*
  2. TOXINS, CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES & CANCER Your body will be subjected to a continual onslaught of toxins. Candida metabolism produces alcohol and 50 or 60 other toxins which overwhelm your detoxification system and build up in your body. This buildup of toxins can result in chemical sensitivities, and even make it likely that you will develop cancer as you age. Or for your children to develop leukemia.*
  3. DISRUPTS YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION Candida overgrowth in the brain (it goes everywhere in your body) sets up the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s as you age. Again it is those candida toxins that are disrupting brain function.*

Eventually, as you age, your body will become less able to keep candida in check, and your health will more rapidly deteriorate. Cancer will be more likely to develop. Your memory will be more liable to fail.

It is by far best to do what is needed to get rid of it now and to take precautions so that it doesn’t come back again.

Let’s get back to the reasons why it is impossible to win your battle against candida with all those herbs, candida fighters, colon cleansers, probiotics, and antifungals that everyone tells you to take. (They are fine to use, but on their own, they aren’t going to get the job done.)

The 2 Main Reasons They Don’t Work

There are two fundamental reasons that all these supplements and being on The Candida Diet can’t get rid of candida.

  1. Candida fungi are anaerobic. They don’t need oxygen to survive. So these fungi can hide out in your body in places outside the circulatory system, where herbs and other supplements cannot get to them. When those herbs or other anti-candida supplements have killed off all the candida that they can get to, and you stop taking them, the candida hiding out can move into circulation. With plenty of food now that you are eating again, and with no competition, they grow fast and recolonize everywhere.*
  2. Candida fungi create spores to reproduce.  These spores are not damaged or killed by anti-fungal supplements or drugs, nor can your immune system effectively deal with them. They stay in your body, waiting till the time is right. Then they bloom.*

What Usually Happens

You eat a very restrictive candida diet for a year. You spend hundreds to thousands of dollars attacking the candida. And after this self-punishment, you may think you have it beat — feeling great, symptoms gone.

Celebration! You stop the supplements, start eating a regular diet and living your life again. But unfortunately, those candida spores notice that good times are here again, with nothing to kill them and plenty of food to eat. So they bloom, turning into candida and before you know it you have a major candida infection again.*

Very few specialists seem to be aware of this issue or know what to do about it.

If you are one of the many people who has been fighting candida for years, having it come back again and again, you know I’m describing this process accurately.

If you haven’t been through this battle yet, this information is going to save you a lot of pain and grief.

What Can Give You A Chance To Beat Candida

The key to success is to be able to deal with the spores and candida hiding outside the circulatory system. And there is only one way to deal with these spores and candida hiding outside the circulatory system. Use energetic frequencies that go everywhere in the body and into the spores.*

The hard coating of spores can’t protect them from vibrational frequencies. Their energies can get into spores and kill them. Or instruct the immune system to seek out and carry spores out of the body.*

These frequencies go everywhere in your body and get to the candida hiding outside the circulatory system. Of course, you must use energies that are powerful enough to be successful at dealing with candida and spores. Otherwise, nothing will happen.*

You may be familiar with homeopathic medicine, which has used frequencies to heal for over 200 years. Our anti-candida elixirs carry energetic frequencies are made differently and may be even more potent.

They are the key to your success.

“Dear Candida Sufferers,

I have been using many of the Get Healthy Again Elixirs and other supplements for over 4 years.  I suffered from advanced Candida Overgrowth and other chronic conditions that were destroying my life.  I read their  Articles on Candida Overgrowth and I personally discussed this topic (and many other topics) with them many times.  Through their website, I also carefully reviewed the various types of elixirs and other products that were available.  Using my medical knowledge and my judgment, I came to the conclusion that ‘Get Healthy Again’ (GHA) Elixirs and Products were far superior to other products advertised elsewhere.  Furthermore, Candida Overgrowth and my other chronic conditions could not be adequately treated by conventional medicine.

I used the anti-candida elixirs/products from GHA, such as CandExpel and CandElim. I also used elixirs/products that improved toxin elimination from my body and that also improved the function of the elimination organs (liver, kidney, skin, colon), such as Toxin Elimination Elixir, Liver Detox Pathways Elixir, and Kidney Rescue.  With these products I was able to eradicate the Candida Overgrowth, and consequently improve my general overall health.  To further improve my overall health, I also used many other GHA elixirs/products.

As I went through various phases of healing, including die-off/detox reactions, I frequently consulted with GHA in order to adjust and fine-tune the GHA elixirs/products, which helped me get closer and closer to optimal health.

Aside from the die-off/detox reactions, which were inevitable, I did not experience any significant side effects or complications.  The GHA elixirs/products are extremely safe.

I found the GHA Staff to be highly knowledgeable and highly attentive to my concerns.  I never had to doubt their integrity.

If you want to get rid of your Candida Overgrowth and other chronic conditions that candida could be the underlying cause of, I strongly believe that the GHA elixirs/products are your best choice.”*

Kindest regards,
 Dr. Constantine Karamitsos,  MD

Why Frequency Enhanced Remedies Are Especially Effective

Your candida is always going to be coming back — unless you deal with the spores and with the candida outside the circulatory system.

We spent years not mentioning this issue, didn’t even know about it. It was about the time that we were able to frequency enhance water with vibrational energies that we understood the significance of candida spores and how they prevent you from eliminating candida.

If we didn’t have the technology to create these frequencies to deal with candida spores and candida hiding out in the body, we might not have addressed this either.

Fortunately, we did. We had come across and later helped develop, a frequency enhancing method that worked by greatly amplifying the subtle vibrational frequency energy of words and instructions so that they are picked up and stored in the water in elixir bottles. When you take small amounts of this water, the cells in your body receive this message.*

It is like being able to talk to the body to get it to take concrete actions.

I remember the first time we used the technology a supplier had developed to energize an elixir bottle of water with instructions. We had been getting many energized supplements from one vendor, and they had been working remarkably well for many conditions, so when he developed and sent us this unit, we gave it a try.

It was very strange, putting a few words of instructions in the unit with an elixir bottle of water, and we didn’t know if it would work. But we had seen the work of Masaru Emoto — he photographed ice crystals of water energized with words. Here are a couple of examples. The picture on the left was a crystal from water that had the words “Love and Gratitude” written on the glass to energize the water, and on the right “You Make Me Sick” was on the glass.

The energy of the words changed the molecular structure. This new technology we had was much more powerful at picking up the energy of words, but still, we had to see results before we were going to believe it worked.

It turns out it did. Users have been reporting success using frequency enhanced elixirs made with this technology for years.* Over the years both the technology and the instructions have been optimized.

Now we have pages of instructions for each elixir. And more advanced technology doing the work of getting the subtle energies of the instructions into the water. The cells in your body respond to these frequencies and follow the instructions.*

With hundreds of thousands of elixirs sold, producing thousands of stories of success, we continued to improve our ability to fight candida and spores using these energies.

Next, learn about our best elixir for dealing with both candida throughout the body and spores.