Men Get Candida Too

Over our more than 15 years of helping folks deal with candida, we’ve been asked numerous times if men can get Candida. It seems that as it is so obviously noticed in females because of their vaginal yeast infections, many think candida yeast infections are a female disease.

To put the record straight, men get candida overgrowth too. In general, there may be fewer symptoms in men because female hormones feed candida, so women tend to have higher levels of candida in their body and may consequently have more symptoms.

Candida symptoms include: anxiety, depression, allergies, rashes, asthma, a foggy head, acid reflux, low hormones, low thyroid, low sex drive, worn out adrenals, fatigue, sinus infections, ear infections, thrush, ADD, diabetes, chemical sensitivities, and more —  and may lead later in life to the development of cancer and Alzheimer’s. Men can develop any or all of these symptoms. And do.*

Candida Develops In The Intestinal Tract

These days children are picking up candida from their mothers at birth, going through the birth canal, of if the birth was cesarean, from breastfeeding, kisses, and another contact shortly after birth.

These mothers mostly have candida overgrowth because their mothers got it from their mothers who developed it when their friendly bacteria were wiped out by antibiotics, birth control pills, and other medicines.

Your friendly bacteria keep the small amount of candida yeast in the intestinal flora from overgrowing. A small amount of candida is needed to have healthy intestinal flora. But when it overgrows in the intestines, that’s when the trouble starts.

This is a photo of candida overgrowth in the intestinal tract.


Once it overgrows, these candida yeast change into a fungal form, drill holes in the intestinal wall causing a leaky gut, get into the bloodstream, and go throughout the body. Colonizing wherever it is convenient.*

The more of your body candida colonizes, the more toxins it produces, and the more symptoms that develop.

You will notice that nowhere in this description are men less likely to develop candida than their sisters. They are as likely to pick it up going through the birth canal. They are as likely to get it from antibiotics and medicines.*

Do the test described on this site to see if you have candida overgrowth. Get your children to do the test too.  Look at the symptoms. Your family may have many health issues which are caused by candida overgrowth that you can only heal if you get rid of their candida overgrowth.

Most remedies and treatments can’t handle candida overgrowth. Learn why, and what can, by reading the rest of the site.

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