Expelling Candida

For virtually everyone not controlling candida yeast overgrowth, once candida overgrows in your body, it stays there — for your entire life.

Whether this happened to you at birth, or after rounds of antibiotics as a child or teenager, or later as an adult, once it overgrows, your body has to deal with a whole bunch of nasty toxins that don’t stop coming.

So the approach that most practitioners take — including us — has been to “kill” candida. That seems to make sense…at first.

“Killing” Candida Can Be Harmful To You, Our Approach Has Evolved To Expelling Candida

The approach most people use to deal with candida, aside for the diet, is to kill it — with antifungal herbs, essential oils, medicines, enzymes, chitin inhibitors and more. This seem to make sense, and indeed it had been our approach too. In fact we developed two of the very best candida killers, based on the feedback we got, CandElim and CandiClear5. All but CandElim had two drawbacks — they didn’t work on candida hiding out in the body or their spores (CandElim did work, but it still caused as all candida killers do) die-off.

When you kill candida, toxins inside the candida are released. This “die off” is a big issue.

This big drawback with killing candida, is that when you kill it, the candida cells break down, this releases the toxins stored in it. This puts an additional toxin load on an already over-loaded detoxification process. The toxins can’t be eliminated, and cause die-off symptoms.

These die-off symptoms can be severe — feeling ill, fatigue, foggy head, digestive upset, rashes, allergic type responses. Most everyone has them because their detoxification system has been overwhelmed after years of candida overgrowth producing a great many toxins every day. A continual toxic overload on a liver already dealing with too many environmental toxins.

The alternative remedy we’ve developed doesn’t cause die-off. It’s called CandXpel.  The candida cells and spores aren’t killed — they are expelled from the body with their toxins.

CandXpel contains a set of frequencies that irritate candida and other fungi and mold so much that they are stimulated to move out of their hiding place and leave the body through the digestive system. They are carried out live, with their toxins in them. As a consequence, their toxins are not being released into your body.

We have many testimonials about CandXpel. Here’s an example.

Liz Cirreli, one of our clients took the time to write about her experience using 2 bottles a month of CandXpel:

“I’m absolutely loving CandXpel…slowly but surely it feels like my body is reclaiming itself back from the clutches of candida. I can feel the balance being restored to all of my systems – and in particular my digestive systems feels a lot stronger and healthier. I used to suffer from constipation a lot before taking CandXpel. After 2 months of taking it, I’m now moving like clockwork! I feel much more full of vitality – and there have been no die-off effects at all.

“Since taking CandXpel I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in mental clarity and focus – it literally feels as if a very thick and long-standing fog is finally lifting…and the view really is quite something without it! A truly genius product – thank you so much.”

CandXpel Brings The Key To Success It Also Eliminates The Spores

Don’t forget about the spores which candida and other fungi produce in your body.

Spores can’t all be killed by herbs, anti-fungal therapies or drugs, enzymes, probiotics, or chitin inhibitors. All these allow to spores to remain in your body, ready to bloom and reinfect you with candida — lots of candida — once you’ve let up on the diet and anti-fungal therapies.

If you don’t get rid of those spores, then your candida is guaranteed to come back sooner or later — usually sooner.

CandXpel is excellent for spore removal.

With CandXpel, there is no place for these nasty fungi and their spores to hide. CandXpel tells the immune system to identify and grab hold of fungal spores, and to transport them out of the body by taking them to the kidneys, or to the colon for elimination.

If You Have Candida, Your Baby Does Too . . . CandXpel Is Safe For Babies To Use

CandXpel is powerful enough for adults…yet so safe babies can use it. Just a drop or two a day for babies is enough. Adults work up to using two bottles a month for 6 months, optimally, and a bottle a month for at least another 6 months after that. (You can just use a bottle a month dose, it will just take longer to accomplish your goals.)

A lifetime of compromising your own detoxification system can compromise your baby’s health, too. A mother with candida overgrowth will pass it on to her baby at birth. Unless you do something about it now, that child with have to deal with the consequences of candida overgrowth it’s whole life. Without any period of time where it has a healthy immune and detoxification system.

You may have been luckier and not have it from birth. Back in the 50’s and even 60’s it was likely that candida overgrowth developed because of antibiotic use — knocking out the friendly bacteria which was keeping in check the small amount of candida in the intestinal flora. Wipe out that bacteria and the candida overgrow, drill holes in the intestinal wall, and spread throughout the body.

Once women began developing candida from antibiotics and birth control pills, they began passing it on to their children, and as these children grew up, they passed it on to their children. Candida overgrowth has grown into an epidemic of ill health caused by its continued onslaught on the immune, detox and hormonal system. Leading to fatigue, illness, allergies, asthma, ear and sinus infections, foggy head, ADD, digestive upset and more.

What’s more, candida is contagious and can be passed by kissing, sex and sharing food and drinks. All it takes is one person to keep reinfecting others. That said, if you didn’t pick up a candida infection as a child, and your immune system is strong, you may be successfully fighting off candida even if your spouse has it — at least for a while. But if you one party suffers from candida overgrowth, they can keep reinfecting others.

This cycle in individuals and among families and close friends continues because nothing being used was eliminating the candida. No matter what you did. CandXpel will deal with candida everywhere in the body, and its spores too.

But you need more if you want to get healthy. Or if you want to help your children back to health. You need a remarkable and very effective way to remove toxins that doesn’t count on a worn out liver to get the job done. .

This next complementary elixir is especially important if you are an expectant mother, or are breastfeeding.  Or if you suffer from candida symptoms. However everyone needs it because we all have too many toxins, and this is a remarkable and very effective way to remove them from your body.

A supporting Detoxifying Partner for this process is Toxin Elimination Elixir,

FYI, we are now providing a Triple-Punch Combination of elixirs, so you can hit this nasty fungal parasite from a few directions, eliminate it and keep it from coming back — so you can win this frustrating battle.